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Finally...Animated Flashcards That Walk You Through Tying The World's Most Essential Knots!

Even if you're a beginner, there are only 6 basic knots
that can easily solve 99% of your problems:

1. The Bowline

The bowline knot is one of the most versatile knots in existence.

2. The Sheet Bend

The sheet bend knot is used to join two ropes together of different sizes.

3. The Clove Hitch

The clove hitch is a fast, easy and strong way to attach a rope or line to something stationary.

4. The Square Knot

Of all the types of knots, it is ideal for tying two ropes together or creating a loop of line to be used as a strap.

5. The Rolling Hitch

The Rolling Hitch can be very helpful because it allows the load to be tightened and adjusted easily, and it is also relatively easy to untie.

6. The Figure 8

As the name suggests, the “figure 8” knot is shaped like an “8”, and is a fairly simple knot used for creating a ‘stopper’ in the end of a line.

A Bonus Knot!

This one will get you out of a jam more than once.

The Round Turn And 2 Half Hitches

There’s a saying that goes “a round turn and two half hitches can hold the world.” It’s a strong knot, easy to tie, and easy to untie.

I'm Josh Koerpel.
I made these animated knot flashcards.

I've been working with ropes and knots my entire life...from years at sea as a tall ship captain, to a wilderness guide in Alaska, and everywhere in between.  I know knots, and I know how to teach others about knots.

Here's what I've learned.
The secret to understanding knots.

  • You DO NOT have to know a whole bunch of complex knots...just a few simple ones.
  • ​You CAN learn quickly with clear instructions.  No previous experience necessary.
  • ​There are countless poor demonstrations on YouTube and books with 100's of knots but ZERO instruction for a normal human to tie them.  Avoid these.
  • ​Most knot tutorials use old and outdated terms and varieties of seemingly identical knots.  All using small arrows, confusing descriptions and the bare minimum number of steps.
  • ​With only 6 simple knots and their concepts, you can solve 99.9% of your problems.

I created the EZ Knot flashcards so that everyone has an equal chance to learn these important knots.

Are you tired of black-and-white illustrations, tiny little arrows and poorly-worded descriptions?
I was, too.

So I started making my own illustrations.  People LOVED them!  

Then, I improved upon them and created flashcard animations, which people began RAVING about.

These are the last (and only) knot instructions you will ever need.

My animated flashcards let you to play, pause, fast-forward, reverse, replay...giving you the clear, step-by-step instructions you need as a beginner...or a good refresher for more seasoned knot people.

Practice at your own pace until you can tie them in your sleep.

About to embark on a van life adventure? Want to teach your kids some basic outdoor skills? Worried about the end of the world?

I have you covered. 

Reference these cards when you need it, where you need it, and at your own pace. You'll be prepared for anything!

Remember, a rope is a TOOL
just like a wrench, hammer or drill.

1,000,001 uses...
and counting!

A tool to solve life's problems.
For example...

  • Tie a piece of furniture down in your truck
  • ​Hang a tire swing for your son or daughter
  • ​Pull or two a car thats broken down in the street
  • ​Tie up an intruder (*not legal advice)
  • ​Bring back a Christmas tree on top of your car
  • ​Hang a bear bag while camping
  • ​Volunteer down at the sailing club
  • ​Tie things down that want to go up
  • ​Tie things up that want to go down
  • ​Lash down your family in a tornado like in the movie Twister 

You can do ALL of this (and more) with just 7 simple knots.

The Bowline

The Sheet Bend

The Clove Hitch

The Square Knot

The Rolling Hitch

The Figure 8

The Round Turn & 2 Half Hitches

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these cards an app?  Do I need to download anything?
These cards are NOT an app!  Each card is an individual media file that is compatible with any mobile device.  Think of them exactly the same as you would a photo or a video, accessible via your phone's photo app.
How do I get the cards on my phone?
Easy!! Simply open the email after you purchase and click the link inside.  It will direct you to download the files to your device.
Are these appropriate for teaching kids?
Absolutely.  These flashcards are kid-friendly, walking them through step-by-step on how to tie each essential knot.
What happens after I purchase?
A few minutes after you purchase you will receive an email.  This email has a link inside that will give you access to your digital flashcards, the introduction video, and all of the supplemental illustrations.
Do I have lifetime access to these flashcards?
You DO have lifetime access!

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